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Party house hit with $33k of fines after lockdown laws ease

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A gaggle of aspiring rappers found themselves on the wrong end of their own bank accounts after being fined twice at the multi-million-dollar waterfront mansion they’d rented for the weekend on the Gold Coast.
The palatial residence in Carrara is listed on for $360 a night.
A group of would-be rappers were fined twice over a weekend after they rented a house on the Gold Coast.(9News)
The group from Brisbane turned the Fitzwilliam Street holiday rental into the set of a music video.
“There was gangster rap and RnB pounding out,” one neighbour said.
“You could hear people screaming and shouting and having a good time, obviously.”
But the law came calling.
Neighbours said the renters held a party.(9News)
On Friday night, seven young men were each hit with a $1300 fine for social distancing breaches.
On Saturday, 18 people in the house were hit with the same, for a grand total of $33,000 in fines.
Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll called the behaviour “completely unacceptable”.

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