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Villawood Detention centre inmates stage rooftop protest over COVID-19

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At least three inmates at Villawood Detention Centre are staging a rooftop protest tonight, demanding increased testing and safety measures during the coronavirus pandemic.
The protest began around midday today, with inmates telling guards they intend to spend the night on the roof until they are satisfied with new COVID-19 protocols.
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The protest began around midday today.(9News)
At least three inmates plan to spend the night on the roof.(9News)
Two banners have been hung on the roof for news helicopters to film.
One reads “We are humans too” while the other reads “Free us from detention COVID-19 2020”.
Other asylum seekers inside the centre, numbering almost 200, have allegedly begun a hunger strike in support of increasing COVID-19 protocols.
Guards at the centre have brought a ladder to the roof to help the men down but those efforts have been refused.
The inmates hung two banners on the roof of the complex.(9News)
Inmates inside the facility say cramped conditions make it impossible to observe the 1.5 metre social distancing rule.
In a statement the Department of Home Affairs says that no detainees across Australia have tested positive for COVID-19 and they are satisfied with the current protocols in place.
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