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Covid-19 latest: UK government claims huge rise in testing but numbers called into question

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Boris Johnson chairs his first digital Cabinet meeting at 10 Downing Street, London, since he returned to work after contracting coronavirus. April 30, 2020.

Coronavirus – latest summary

  • Global May Day celebrations muted amid coronavirus lockdowns
  • UK government announces big rise in tests to meet target, but numbers are called into question

  • Global energy demand expected to fall by 6% this year, the equivalent of India’s consumption

  • Ryanair to cut 3,000 jobs, will operate “1%” of flights until June
  • Will Europe’s cities become greener after lockdown is lifted? | Culture Clash
  • Italian workers still waiting for their wages two months into lockdown
  • UN chief warns 500 million could fall into poverty, calls for solidarity with developing world
  • Coronavirus statistics: Latest numbers on COVID-19 cases and deaths

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Moscovites fleeing to dachas to escape pandemic get hostile reception

Many Russians, especially living in big cities, have dachas, small or big countryside houses. It is a Soviet legacy, a tradition. The beginning of May is a time when many people visit them.

But the coronavirus crisis has pitted dacha owners — often from big cities with high infection rates — and their local neighbours against each other.

This report from Euronews Moscow correspondent Galina Polonskaya.

Moscovites fleeing to dachas to escape pandemic get hostile reception

“They tell me to go away, they call me a coronavirus infection, how can they treat me in such a way,” cries out Natalya during her Facebook live. Natalya’s life turned into a nightmare at the end of March.


Will Europe’s football seasons restart when coronavirus lockdowns end?

This time of year is usually the most exciting for football supporters as European club seasons approach their climax. Friday nights would usually see fans eagerly anticipating a weekend of sport.

Instead, stadiums lie empty and players and fans alike are confined to their homes.

Football authorities have been considering ways to revive and save their seasons. But countries have taken different approaches and some leagues have been halted altogether.

Here’s our roundup of the state of play in Europe’s domestic leagues:

Will Europe’s football seasons restart when coronavirus lockdowns end?

The Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and others are still hoping to resume suspended fixtures, but some countries have halted the 2019-20 season.


Global May Day celebrations muted amid coronavirus lockdowns

Millions of workers worldwide marked international labor day on Friday with vastly muted celebrations amid the coronavirus pandemic. Read more and see our coverage from Paris and Berlin on Euronews Now:

Global May Day celebrations muted amid coronavirus lockdowns


Health workers exposed to violence over contamination fears

Not everyone is praising health and medical workers for the risks they’re taking in their frontline work dealing with COVID-19. 

Around the world some are facing physical and verbal attacks fuelled by fears that they’re exposing others to the virus.

A development condemned by Howard Catton, head of the International Council of Nurses. See his interview on Euronews Now:


Will Europe’s cities become greener after lockdown is lifted?

Lockdowns have accelerated deep changes that were already underway in our cities, in particular, the drive to push cars out of key areas.

They have the potential to permanently affect how we commute, work, shop and socialise.

Watch our latest edition of Culture Clash here:

Life after lockdown: Will Europe’s cities become greener?


Coronavirus: UK testing numbers called into question

A little more on those numbers from earlier. Matt Hancock, the UK’s health secretary, said that the government had met its target of 100,000 tests per day. However, those numbers may not tell the whole story. It was later revealed that the figure included tens of thousands of tests that were sent out in the post but have not yet been done. 
That revelation has divided commentators: There are those saying that the ramp-up in testing is a significant result for the government. Others say that including mailed tests is disingenuous. 

‘We feel useful’: Meet the frontline workers keeping Lyon moving under lockdown

Euronews’ Guillaume Petit was out in Lyon earlier today meeting the frontline workers who are manning the tills, driving the buses and baking the bread so that everyone else can shop, eat and get around. He found that while many were happy to be doing their bit, they were mostly earning minimum wage and at high risk of contracting the virus. 
You can read his report from Lyon here.

Matt Hancock: We will not re-open schools until it is safe

The health secretary was asked by a caller called Lee, in Leeds, whether parents would be fined if they declined to send children back to school once the lockdown was lifted. He said that schools would not be re-opened until it was safe to do so… which didn’t really answer the question. 

UK meets target of testing 100,000 people a day

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock said more than 122,000 people were tested yesterday, as government meets the target set for the end of April.
Mr Hancock has also reported 739 additional Covid-19 related deaths in the UK, passing more than 27,500 in total.

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