Another doctor dies due to COVID-19 in Cebu City, doctor-husband critical

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CEBU CITY –– A pathologist working at the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center (VSMMC) is the second COVID-19 fatality in Cebu City.

Dr. Helen Tudtud, 66, died on March 27, four days after a 65-year-old man—the first COVID-19 patient in the city—succumbed to the virus.

Helen’s husband, Dr. Dennis Tudtud, an oncologist, was also in critical condition after he tested positive for the virus.

In a post on Facebook, Tudtud’s son, Dennis Thomas, expressed dismay over how some people treated them.

“Even before my mom passed away, rumors were already circulating that my mom has died, as early as March 18! Some heartless people even posted it all over social media. My mother was still fighting to stay alive but people were already killing her,” he said.

“Do you know how painful it is to have both parents admitted and both in serious and guarded condition and yet you hear news saying that our mother has already died when she is still holding on and fighting to stay alive? We understand the fear. We understand the panic. But do these heartless people not understand how much more fear and panic that we are in?” he asked.

Dennis Thomas said their entire compound was even cordoned off by the policemen.

“What for? We never breached the quarantine protocol! People treat us like some statistics they see on Facebook or the news. We are people, too! It can happen to you and your family too,” he said.

Dennis Thomas said her mother was admitted last March 17 after experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

Helen, he said, was still able to have video calls with him from March 18 to 21.

But on March 21, her condition deteriorated. Two days after, her vital signs began to stabilize but on March 27, the doctor died.

Dennis Thomas said he had no idea where his parents got the virus since they never left the country this year.

“We did not choose this virus. We do not even know where Mommy and Daddy caught it. We are not the virus and yet people are treating us like we are,” he said.

“My parents touched many lives and were always at the forefront of helping other people. Yet, some people shamelessly post their names all over social media as if they are the virus. I do not understand why this world has become so heartless. We are breaking but some people choose to break us even more.”

Dennis Thomas appealed to the public to pray for her mother’s eternal repose.

“My heart is breaking and I can’t hug my sweet and loving Mommy Helen ever again. I will miss her laughter. I will miss everything about her and I will never see her again. I love you always mommy. Please watch over us as you always do. Please whisper to Daddy to keep on fighting and to stay alive.

As of March 28, 22 persons have been tested positive of COVID-19 in Central Visayas.

Of the number, 16 are from Cebu City.

Two persons, including Dr. Helen Tudtud, died due to COVID-19 in Cebu City, while two other COVID-19 fatalities were in Negros Oriental.

The VSMMC, a sub-national laboratory for COVID-19, has tested 229 persons as of March 27.

Dr. Jaime Bernadas, health director for Central Visayas, said most of the new cases were in stable condition, except for one patient.

Of the new cases, the youngest is 27 years old, while the oldest is 72.

Cebu City has been placed under enhanced community quarantine starting noon on March 28, to contain the spread of COVID-19.

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